Trapped Pt. 1: Cruel and Indefinite Punishment

California wastes tens of millions of dollars a year keeping people in prison long after they've been rehabilitated – denying parole for arbitrary reasons and destroying lives in the process.

This is the first of a two-part series published in the Express.

Trapped Pt. 2: The Vicious Cycle of Trauma

California prisons fail to help abuse victims and the mentally ill rehabilitate behind bars – and refuse to grant them parole so they can turn their lives around with loved ones on the outside.

This is the second installment in a two-part series of features published in the Express.

Millions March, Oakland

On December 13, 2014, activists from the BlackOut Collective, Black Brunch and other East Bay community activism groups organized a demonstration called Millions March in Oakland. Events bearing the same name also happened in San Francisco, New York and Washington, D.C.

Originally published in the East Bay Express.

Sustainable Alternatives

Forest For A Living was a rain forest conservation pilot program that was started in 2012 in the Esmeraldas Province of Ecuador.

I traveled to la Reserva Ecológica Mache-Chindul, a large ecological park, to document the lives of local neglected farming communities and the efforts of program staff to collaborate with them in maintaining the forest where they live.

La Vida Campesina

Juan Obando, from Guayacán, gives a tour of his jungle house and explains that if life weren't so hard in the reserve, the area would be "pure millionaires."

Arts in Corrections

The William James Association sponsors the Prison Arts Project, an initiative that provides incarcerated men and women with arts training. This was a service that used to be provided by the Department of Corrections and has been shown to reduce recidivism rates, but was discontinued by government cutbacks.

Lions Center for the Blind

Connie, a client of the Lions Center for the Blind, talks about how difficult it was to lose her sight as an adult and what the Center's support has meant for her.